"I was surprised, actually, to discover that George was so attractive in person. I’d always thought of Paul as the cute one, but up close George was ruggedly handsome, even striking, with his long hair curling up just above the shoulders, his face smooth and clear, and those dark, intense eyes." - Chris O’Dell

"[After seeing The Beatles at the Royal Albert Hall on 18 April 1963 while critiquing the bands for the Radio Times] The Beatle she liked the look of most, when she caught sight of them in the corridors afterwards, was George.” - Hunter Davies about Jane Asher

"He was very, terribly good looking, but really funny as well and just enchanting." - Pattie Boyd

"I have big photographs of George behind me when I do the song ‘Something’, his song, and I look at them, and it’s so sad because he’s not here. But it’s lovely to look at those pictures and think: God, my mate George, isn’t he a good-looking boy! You think all the things you couldn’t think when you were a kid (..)” - Paul McCartney

”(..) I know a good-looking chap when I see one, and George Harrison was way beyond handsome” - Mark Radcliffe

The only good looking one was George Harrison” - Angus McBean

"The most handsome but underrated Beatle, he came into his own as a solo artist and film producer." -  The Guardian

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 "There was always that sense, especially in being with them, that they were four parts of a marriage.They were very protective and very close and very like each other. To help out it was important to create artificially that George was mean and that Paul was the cute one, John was the cynic and Ringo was at the back and unloved and to that extent that developed more and more as the film went on. - Richard Lester

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"I knew George long before the others. We were good chums despite his tender years as it seemed to me then. We were always together." – Paul McCartney 

It used to be PaulnGeorge… as one word. They were the kids from the grammar school. That’s how we referred to them. For ages we didn’t even know George really, he was just ‘Paul’s mate’.” – Len Garry 

"In Liverpool, Paul would come round my house and we’d play in the living room. Paul knocked me out with his singing especially, although I remember him being a little embarrassed to really sing out, seeing as we were stuck right in the middle of my parents place with my whole family walking about. He said he felt funny singing about love and stuff around my dad.” — George Harrison

"As the days stand up on end you’ve got me wondering how I lost your friendship." - George Harrison (Run of the Mill)

"Did I ever take you in my arms? Look you in the eye? Tell you that I do? Did I ever open up my heart, let you look inside? If I never did it, I was only waiting for a better moment, that didn’t come.” - Paul McCartney (This One) 

"Scan not a friend with a microscopic glass — You know his faults — Then let his foibles pass. Old Victorian Proverb. I’m sure there’s enough about me that pisses him off, but I think we have now grown old enough to realize that we’re both pretty damn cute!" - George Harrison

 ”Those guys’ inability to express love for one another was classic. The exception is Ringo, who says [in the film], ‘I love George, and George loved me.’ That wouldn’t have been so easy for Paul. (..) Paul had to admit that he didn’t know ‘All Things Must Pass,’ and that was an awful thing to confront. It was huge humble-pie stuff for Paul to be among these people who he may have thought had a better relationship with George than he did. But I believe Paul missed George as much as — if not more than — anybody.” - Eric Clapton.

George told me once that I smelt like home. I got all paranoid, you know, thinking I smelt of fish and chip shops or dirty bars or something. But he said no, I just always smelt of home." — Paul McCartney

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"That’s really what I’m saying. [It’s] that I can be Lennon and McCartney too, but I’d rather be Harrison, you know?” X







You wear a cardigan on top of another cardigan. We all know you’re not the best with doorknobs. You can barely hold one thing in each hand. You tripped the other day just standing there.

You wear a cardigan on top of another cardigan. We all know you’re not the best with doorknobs. You can barely hold one thing in each hand. You tripped the other day just standing there.

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Will you love me?
Even with my dark side?

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